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the luckiest thing

i got this email at 10:30 last night: ———>

The word of the night was: awesome.

“Lourdi, how do you feel right now?”


“How excited are you?”

-so excities, this is so…awesome.

-awesome. awesome. awesome.

luckyfacelourdipants. i’m just grateful. i’m not an official winner or anything but still. My family and friends just made me feel so special. It was a small acheivment but they acted like it was  life-changing. I feel as though I’m the luckiest thing in the world simply because I know I am loved.
complete awesomeness.

This will be a short post. I just needed to share. I’m just so happy.

your friend,
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when the cat’s away, the mice will…read.

what i’m currently reading

So, lucky me, I have the house to myself this afternoon. …Sometimes I just need to be alone. It’s not personal. I just need to turn the music up and block everything else out. My girlfriend thinks that when I ask for a few hours to myself I’m spending them doing something weird like dancing around naked or something. She came up with that one, not me.

No, not me.
I won’t be bouncing around the living room in the nude while listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and singing along to Date with the Night.
I’m going to be reading the books you see on the left up there (cleverly captioned: what i’m currently reading). Curve magazine has my band on the cover (Tegan and Sara, I swoon). I have an advanced copy of Guts by Kristen Johnston (3rd Rock From the Sun), which I’m actually loving. I won’t lie and say I’m this gigantic fan of hers and I’ve watched every episode of 3rd Rock, I haven’t, but when I catch the show she does make me laugh and I appreciate that. Her book though, is awesome. She talks a lot about being bullied as an adolescent which is something I instantly related to. It’s funny, my ten-year high school reunion is this year and the second I got the facebook invite stating when and where, I couldn’t hit Decline fast enough. Those bastards really did a number on me and while I can say I’ve forgiven most of my tormentors, I certainly haven’t forgotten.
I want them all to know…
I’m stating for the whole world to see…
Not just for their eyes…
Kiss My Fucking Ass.
You will LITERALLY have to pay me to set foot in a room with those bitches again. I’m not talking “twenty bucks, yeah I’ll go”, I’m talking “baby, somebody paid me to go to my high school reunion and I now have enough money to take you to Disney. No, don’t worry about it, airfare is included” make-it-worth-my-while cold hard cash.
So yeah. I’m loving Kristen’s book. It comes out March 13th, and you can check it out here if you want. There’s also the psycho classic Sybil. You know, I just read Sybil Exposed and believed every word of it, so I’m reading this Flora Rheta Schreiber gem the same way I read People Magazine: secretly, in the bathroom, so no one will judge me.
I’m also ‘reading’ Batwoman: Elegy. It’s a comic and I like the colors. Who says it has to be more complicated than that? Seriously. Batwoman is a sexy Jewish lesbian who doesn’t give a shit. She’s the honey badger of Gotham City.
Well I’m gonna go enjoy my reads and the silence. I recommend you try doing the same.
Your friend,
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eye sight

because seeing is believing

who is kris codey?

(when i write+write+write+write)
the lines, the lines of coke i do
i draw (the lines) just for you ---------- <--- there's one now!
i'll show you how!
and this is what you do: ----------

(tiny excerpt from Cellar Door by Me.)