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So this happened….

So this happened....

Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast this past October and ruined my home and a majority of my awesome shit. Heartbroken is the best word to describe how I felt. It smelled like shit, spoiled meat, and dampness. It looked like a tornado swept through the house and pissed everywhere. Earthworms were all over the yard and our neighbors koi fish were stuck in a fence. The rug was soaked and the floorboards were warped. It was a fucking nightmare having to actually hold my stuff, the stuff i loved so much and spent so much money on and shove them into garbage bags and drag those fucking heavy garbage bags to the curb. All you want to say to someone who loses their home is, “it’s just stuff…it’s all replaceable.” but fuck you, it’s not. Yeah, I’m happy my then-girlfriend-now-fiance and i are safe but we had this life together and Sandy washed away most of it’s evidence. Heartbroken.
I’m, like, 68% over this shit but it will haunt me for the rest of my life.