Calm yourself

Calm yourself/ breathe it in/ look around, it’s not a dream.
This is real/ it’s what you’ve done/ it’s the little voice you always ignored.
Pull back a little/ and do not leap/ into those other arms with different needs.
You need to calm yourself/ and stop those tears/ stop your shaking, speak real clear.
That heaviness inside you/ don’t drown with a pill/ feel the disappointment, because this life is real.
It’s too easy to swallow/ it’s too easy to hide/ it’s too easy to run away, or hurt, or die.
You need to calm yourself/ just give it space/ sit in some silence, patiently, and wait.
Those eyes you find comforting/ let them blink/ let them wander around and find what they need.
You take this time/ you do the same/ because your heart has deceived you but you are to blame.
Listen to all the words/ when they’re directed at your ears/ not just the ones you were hoping to hear.
Marinate in their meanings/ and why they were said/ file them neatly in those cabinets in your head.
You just need to calm yourself/ calm yourself down/ keep taking those deep breaths, you’re still on the ground.

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