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Crack Pie, If/Then, and a baby shower











So frail

You are always so strong, so in charge of everything
I’m not used to seeing you like this
Shaking from the pain
You look so small
Still so radiant
You are the queen
The one we look up to
The glue

You look so small in that bed
And I’m just sitting here across from you
Listening to you breathe

I listen to everyone breathe
It’s the most beautiful sound
And the most comforting
The sweetest reminder that we are here
There is one world
And millions of lives
And our two paths intertwined
And here we are breathing
And I’m watching you
And loving you
And I’m just so happy to hear the inhale
And the exhale
And the inhale
And the exhale
Of this life we are living
And sharing
Like a story
We are the paper
And we are the pens
And we are breathing…

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I don’t regret my last life

But I am happy that I got the opportunity to open this new door
And jump right in
with both feet
And my arms wide open.

I want to grab each opportunity that comes my way
and shake it
make it my own.

I missed so much before
not because of you
but because I was this other person.
That life felt wrong.
I am not in love with another woman but I am in love with my life.

I don’t regret my time with you
I regret not being stronger, sooner.
I regret not being honest.
I regret so much and yet I regret nothing.

Don’t listen to them.
It’s not complicated.
I’m not evil; I never was.
We deserved better.
I will never regret what we had
But I will never regret choosing me.

I am in love.
I’m in love with the thought of jumping right in.
Keeping my eyes wide open
And taking it all in.

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