I don’t regret my last life

But I am happy that I got the opportunity to open this new door
And jump right in
with both feet
And my arms wide open.

I want to grab each opportunity that comes my way
and shake it
make it my own.

I missed so much before
not because of you
but because I was this other person.
That life felt wrong.
I am not in love with another woman but I am in love with my life.

I don’t regret my time with you
I regret not being stronger, sooner.
I regret not being honest.
I regret so much and yet I regret nothing.

Don’t listen to them.
It’s not complicated.
I’m not evil; I never was.
We deserved better.
I will never regret what we had
But I will never regret choosing me.

I am in love.
I’m in love with the thought of jumping right in.
Keeping my eyes wide open
And taking it all in.

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