Philly with some girls

In other life news we took a trip to Philly where Livv got to see me at my most vulnerable and scared at the Eastern State Penitentiary :o/ it was so much fun tho. Usually I don’t get freaked at that place but I opted to wear the glow necklace thing which allows the actors to touch you and mess with you. That was rad. At one point Livv and I were separated from Susan and Amy and thrown into this cage thing and the guy was yelling something and then stamped our hands and said we were branded or something.


Before we went to Eastern State we went to the Good Dog for dinner and it was yum.



Oh! But before that we went to the Mutter Museum and that was weird.
There was a random guy standing on the staircase wearing a clown mask and he wasn’t part of the museum or anything. Just a weird guy who stood next to me for a minute and then waved goodbye and left the building. It was like a scene from a horror film only I didn’t get murdered which is nice lol


Ok. So first it was the museum. Then food. Then the penitentiary. So much fun. They mark your face with blood and stuff. I was too occupied with clinging to Livv for dear life to take pictures so I asked if I could post some of hers.







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