Monthly Archives: May 2015

‘Summer’ is here…

Mothers Day and my brothers 22nd (?!) bday. 

Your friend 




My head is the place I run to when I feel unwelcome elsewhere. My head is a place I run from when I am overwhelmed.  I suppose I find comfort in the things that hurt the most. 

My corner of the world consists of a bed tucked into the far corner of my bedroom by the window. It is sandwiched between the wall and my dresser.  My tv is on a bookshelf at the foot of my bed. I am most comfortable here. I’m surrounded by lots of trinkets and books and movies and video games. I am not a normal 30 something year old. I am a kid stuck in the body of an adult and most days I am happy to be only me. Other days I wish I was anyone but me. Today, at this moment I’m a little bit of both: happy to be in my corner but struggling with the thoughts that are running through my head and causing my body to feel as though I am being electrocuted. We’ll see.  I suppose I really do find comfort in this agony because it’s a reminder that I’m alive. 
Your friend,


I am not a pretty girl

i am visiting Georgia for the first time and it’s not what I expected. It actually reminds me a lot of Texas but not as sweet. 


I have Ani Difranco stuck in my head and I haven’t listened to her in a long ass time. 


Fuck This trip tho and those gossipy bitches.