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Birfday love ❤️ 


Engagement ring shopping?!

It’s only been a couple days, but 33 is starting out fucking amazing. 

I’d never been engagement ring shopping before. My ex and I bought rings we thought the other would appreciate. We didn’t go to a jewelery store and get sized or try things on…

Yesterday Livv and I did…and it was so exciting and so weird. I meant it when I said I never thought I’d get married again, but my heart knew it would make an exception for her if she ended up falling for me as I did her. 

Oh, lucky me ❤️

The most beautiful person in the entire world…picked me. I can’t wait to be her wife and for her to be mine. I can’t wait to have my mom walk me down the aisle. I just fucking can’t wait. I’ve met my soulmate. I never believed in them until she came along. 

Your friend,


While my gf’s away,

With my cell phone I will play. 
My girlfriend is in Berlin. I’m home taking pictures of myself in a hat…

I just can’t wait for my Cheekies to come back home. 
Your fwend,


A new year

I work with special-needs adults. It’s trying and tedious. It’s also the most rewarding.

Im in love with my best friend in this whole world. Luckily, she’s in love with me, too.

I wasn’t ready before but I’m so ready now.


Crack & Shatter

It’s funny how the heart can completely fall out of your chest and not break into a thousand tiny pieces but instead land in the palms of someone else’s hands.  Lucky you if they end up protecting it instead of punting it.

Lucky you if you’re holding theirs as well.


Your friend


Broken hearts still beat…

Heaven is so lucky. 

All the days

Your friend, 


i’ve loved you so long

your friend,


I met my bae 


Thank you, Hot Donna, for being so cool and sweet ❤️