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I struggle sometimes with the cards I’ve been dealt but I don’t think I’d ever give up this deck.

Your friend,


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You Are

My favorite adventure.


Your friend,



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So we are finally here…

today the kickstarter for the web series my friend created launched.  I’m so proud of her and so proud to be a part of it. 

That’s the site. 
Other than that things have been fine. Life is grand.  


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The fair

I hate the fair.
I hate crowds of people and I hate that parents let their demon spawn run around unattended, bumping into strangers without mumbling so much as an “oops, sorry”.
I hate being forced by my brother to stand in line to get on a ride that I can’t remember if I like or not. I hate the queasiness that follows due to my medication.
I hate that I actually have a lot of fun on those rides and enjoy the disgusting fried foods and stupid games I never win.
One thing I love though?
The main reason why I push through my anxiety and grumpiness:
My brothers favorite ride is the swings. I watch, every year, at every fair, as he stands in line alone, awkwardly sits himself in a swing and buckles up. The ride starts swinging around slowly, picks up momentum and in just a few seconds he’s up in the air. He stretches his arms out like they’re his wings. He pushes his face up to the sky, letting it take him away and the smile never leaves his face.
He’s flying.
I get to see the epitome of freedom, happiness, and beauty once a year at those stupid fairs. It’s always a hassle to get me there. I never want to go but, afterwards, once I’m back home I’m always really grateful I went.


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Game Night

So my mom, brother, and I were playing Dominos




And my mom wanted to take a corny picture of our hands


But I hated how my lame nail looked so I painted one so it’d look pretty



Then my brother felt left out…sooo…




That’s how we do Dominos in my family…



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